Tree Care & The Environment

Tree work is usually noisy and dirty. It can also be harmful to the environment. At TreeCareLA, we choose to do things differently.

90% of all our cutting is done quietly with manual tools such as hand saws, hand pruners, and pole pruners.  We save wear and tear on the chainsaws by using them only for the big limbs, and drastically reduce our reliance on noisy, messy fossil fuels. When we do use a chainsaw, we use our electric chainsaw as much as possible!

Fruit trees need to be fertilized regularly in urban environments. When we apply them, we only use organic fertilizers.

Our crew travels throughout LA in an aluminum truck, which is more fuel efficient and longer lasting than the more commonly used steel chip trucks. We also have an electric car for all our arborist consultations.

Environment Friendly

Whenever possible, we finish the ground cleaning with a good old fashioned rake. Our electric blower is the finishing touch and is quieter and creates less dust than gas powered models. Your neighbors will thank you!

Did you know chainsaws have a separate oil tank just to lubricate the chain as it spins around? Bar oil is dispersed throughout the landscape and may take years to break down. We use Stihl BioPlus, a vegetable based oil that breaks down in less than 21 days! We believe that every little bit helps.

All the wood and branches we haul away are brought to a green waste recycling facility. Are you removing a tree and sad to see the beautiful wood go to the dump? Consider having a local miller like Angel City Lumber transform it into beautiful slabs of wood. Or, if you’re looking for wood chips, check out Chip Drop.

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TreeCareLA is a Los Angeles-based tree care company providing a range of services to homeowners. We are known for our high quality arborist consultation and tree care services. We pride ourselves in the ethical treatment of the urban forest by doing what’s best for each tree whenever possible. Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out our online form. We look forward to caring for your trees!

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