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Los Angeles can be a challenging place to be a tree. TreeCareLA can help you understand what your tree needs to stay healthy or why it is‍‍‍ looking sick. Advice from an arborist can go a long way towards making the best decisions for you and your tree.

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TreeCareLA provides a range of services that includes small-scale tree care as well as large projects. Anyone can cut a tree down. It takes a true arborist to carry out a plan for the betterment of your tree. Our tree care crew includes certified arborists to care for your tree’s health and safety.  

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Yikes….it could be a thousand different things. But there are often clues. When we start looking more closely at the symptoms and the surroundings, we can often figure out what the likely culprits are. If you are willing to invest some time googling, you can often figure out the easy ones yourself. Over-watering is the single factor we see hurting trees the most throughout Los Angeles. Our arborists can help get to the bottom of exactly what is going on and get your trees the care they need ASAP.

We’ll help you figure out if the tree can be saved.  We will likely start by NOT cutting anything else for a while.  In a year or two we’ll start selectively thinning limbs in an effort to rebuild and restore the new canopy.  We call it a crown restoration and that’s what happens after bad tree trimmers “top” trees.  DON’T ever top your trees.  Click here to learn why.

We’ll help you determine what limbs can be cut. There’s a chance that so much is being cut that it will be better to cut the tree out entirely. We won’t take that step unless its the only option. Don’t let the gardener or regular contractors make the decision. They’ll usually cut whatever is in their way without regard to what you’re going to have to do in the future to maintain the tree and may not be aware of the health or safety impact they are making on the tree and everything around it.

The answer is much like what we do for a deck or a pool (see above). We will add to it a thinning of the tree to allow more sunlight to get to the ground. Keep in mind that trees NEED leaves to live. Having a garden under a tree is just a BAD idea. If you really want a producing garden, TreeCareLA can help you design your yard space to make the best use of what you have available.

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Does your tree need help? Our arborists are ready to help you and your trees.

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"Great company, very efficient and also pleasant to work with... Nick and his team were so kind about the process even while they were working hard to remove the tree from our backyard."

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"They're committed to trees, love their work & are generous with their knowledge. There's nothing that makes me hesitant about calling them. That is a kind of freedom!"

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TreeCareLA is a Los Angeles-based tree care company providing a range of services to homeowners. We are known for our high quality arborist consultation and tree care services. We pride ourselves in the ethical treatment of the urban forest by doing what’s best for each tree whenever possible. Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out our online form. We look forward to caring for your trees!

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